Suzanne Charny

Suzanne Charny’s sculptures are strongly influenced by her life as a dancer and an actress.  She started dancing at a young age and then pursued her passion through the dance department at the High School of Performing Arts in N.Y (a school popularly known by many through the musical “Fame”) where she excelled in modern dance.  At 16, her love for Broadway led her to be in a production of “West Side Story”, followed by years performing in other shows, including “Sweet Charity” on Broadway with Gwen Verdon and then on to the movie with Shirley MacLaine where Suzanne was the lead dancer in the critically acclaimed number “The Rich Mans Frug” choreographed by Bob Fosse. She appeared in many variety shows including recurring appearances on the Johnny Carson Show and The Della Reese show.  Her dancing career led her to her acting career where she became known for roles in episodic television as well as movies.  From dance to drama to comedy, her passion for the arts continues.

Fairly recently, she found yet another outlet for her creativity-sculpting.  Drawing from her experiences in dance and theater.  Suzanne uses sculpture to express the joy and sense of exhilaration through form, movement and gesture.  Suzanne uses a variety of media.  She casts the sculptures in bronze, resin with bronze overcast, clear resin, and marble dust and resin.