Suzanne Charny

Artist Statement

My stylized sculptures come from an emotional and photographic point of view.  Through my background, I’ve chosen to focus on the emotion and energy of dance.  As a dancer moves, the flow of the movement continues through the body, even when the body stills.  I try to capture that energy within my sculpture. 

My design perspective derives from the view a photographer sees when looking at a human form while laying on the ground and looking towards the head.  The image through the viewfinder would show exaggerated lower limbs with a smaller torso, arms, and head.  As a sculptor, I try to  bring energy to this view through my exaggerated design focus.  The center and power of dance begins with strength - and I show that strength through this exaggeration.

As I work with the clay, I continue to add emotion and feeling to the piece through an emphasis on muscle tone and definition.   My dancing experience allows me to understand the nuances of movement and I’m able to capture those elements within each piece.

My artistic vision began as a child in Brooklyn.   I was blessed to watch my father create sculptures in the sand at Brighton Beach.  He was truly my inspiration.  His larger than life nudes looked as if they were about to step out of the sand and join the crowds.   I try to bring a little of his vision to my own work. 

It is a joy to capture the elements of dance and movement as found in a moment of time.  Be it bronze, resin or ceramic, I continually look for a combination of media and composition that will bring my own visions of dance to life through sculpture.